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Satisfaction GuaranteedWe hope you enjoy your visit to Have Gloves Will Travel where Our clients are as diverse as the fish in the sea, but they all have one thing in common…..they love their boats and know “we will go overboard to take care of their needs.”

As Lake Mead's leading mobile marine detailing service, we offer our services to all marina's in Lake Mead NRA.

Las Vegas Boat Harbor
Lake Mead Marina

In an industry where simply being there is often seen as success, HGWT has built it's reputation on quality of work, reliability , honesty , and above all trust ! Have Gloves Will Travel has taken the guess work out of who to choose for your boat cleaning needs and along with our services we offer a one stop shop for everything from cleaning, to who to call for anything you may need in our great referral program. We work side by side with each marina and their vendors to ensure quality service for our customers.

Our services include:

Professional Full Detail - Exterior & Cockpit

Wash & Dry, Hard Water Removal, Caulking cleaned, Polish Chrome & Aluminum, Clean and Dress Cockpit, Cushions & Vinyl, Teak, Carpets, Remove Light Dock & Fender Marks, Waterlines.

Color Restoration

Oxidization Removal

Waxing Hand Wax exterior of Boat

Monthly Boat Washing

Keep your boat looking great year round & cleaned when you're ready to go! Exterior wash & dry includes cockpit area. Cabin can be included.

Cabin Maid Service

General Clean-up of Interior Cabin Area, Vacuum Interior Carpets, Clean Galley Counters, Clean Bathroom Area

Laundry Service - Linen Wash & Fold Service

Carpet Cleaning Interior & Exterior

New Arrival & Departure Cleaning

Bottom Cleaning (out of water NV)

Quagga Mussel Decontamination

Insurance Claims

NDOW & Registration Sticker Removal and Placement.

Vacation Mobile Home and RV Cleaning & Maid Service,

Patio and Yard Caretaking

We hope you enjoy your visit and find all that Have Gloves Will Travel has to offer. If you would like to arrange an appointment with one of our professional consultants, or would simply like some more information, please call us at our head office, 702-378-9289 or by Email Click Here



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